Tom, Lou, Chelsea, Mike, Hank


How endgame came to be

Guitarist Mike Carlone and bassist Hank Kaneshige both grew up in Hoboken New Jersey where they shared the love of music. They played together in bands since high school continuing into adulthood.

Many years later, Mike started a new band and hired drummer Tom Mitchell. Tom at that time had also been working in another band with keyboardist Lou Di Falco. 

Moving to present day, Hank and Mike decided to start a new band. Mike once again called on drummer Tom who brought along Lou to play keys. 

The four main players began rehearsing original tunes in Bayonne, New Jersey. As the first album developed Tom brought in his nice Chelsea Rose to add some wonderful vocals. 

Endgame remains a five unit band that write, record, and produce their own music. With two albums now under their belt, they've continued to create additional material and it will not be too long before they release a third album.