Mike Carlone

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

Born and raised in Hoboken NJ and living on the second floor of a cold water flat, Mike was just another kid on the block and music wouldn’t be discovered until the age of 13 when he heard “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas.  It generated a pulse that made him move inside and out.  Not long after that the Beatles emerged with their unique sound, suddenly Mike's transistor radio was melting from amazing melodies, harmony’s, guitar licks, and screams of yeah, yeah, yeah! That was the catalyst that led him to purchasing his first guitar.  

In high school, Mike met a couple of other guys who also played the music Mike enjoyed and they started a band called, The Lost Souls.  The band consisted of guitar player Kenny Lewis, (now living in Ireland) drummer Ron Ducoli and bass player Herman aka “Hank” Kaneshige.  Not long thereafter, The Lost Souls were playing high school dances, indoor and outdoor shows, and many local clubs and bars.  After high school, they all went their own way playing with other musicians but never lost contact with each other.  

It's the 1970’s after Mike had left the military, he auditioned for a New York based band called Port Authority and was hired as a singer/guitar player by front man and saxophone player Jerry Colesino.  The rest of the band consisted of a bass player/singer and a set of twin brothers on Hammond organ and drums. Port Authority played the circuit for a while then became the house band at a local Staten Island NY club called Creshido’s.  That gig lasted almost two years of playing four sets five nights a week including two nights a week of two shows with a stripper to warm up the crowd. Headlining the shows, and there are just too many to name, would be one of many original 1950’s and 60’s oldies groups.  

In the mid 1970’s, Mike went on to form an original music group called, Risqué.  The players included singer/songwriter, Judith aka “Judy Briggs” Brignola, bass player Anthony Urgovitch, guitar player Roland Muniz and drummer Tom Mitchell.  This band was active until the early 1980’s.  Risqué played New York and New Jersey clubs such as CBGB’s, The Great Gildersleeve’s, SNAFU, Kenny’s Castaways, The Dirt Club, the Show Place, and many others.  

From the mid 80’s until about 2004, music remained on the back burner until Facebook launched and became the springboard that led to a reuniting of The Lost Souls.  Back together again with Hank, Ron and the addition of Dan Canning, another Hoboken longtime friend and musician as front man singer/guitarist to fill the gap of the original member Ken Lewis.  It made possible the chance to reignite a sleeping passion.  The Lost Souls went on to play garden parties, holiday parties, and more importantly, many charity events.  They enjoyed this rediscovery for a few years until logistics and personal circumstances made it difficult for the band to stay together.  Thanks to Hank egging Mike on, he continued to play acoustic gigs with him at local bars and restaurants.  

One day, Hank played a song he had written and asked Mike if he would like to get together and do some recording.  The first thing Mike did was to call his old friend and drummer Tom Mitchell, who was more than anxious to get back together.  A short time after, they started discussing the possibilities of recording their music and adding a keyboard player. Tom asked his long time friend and bandmate Lou Di Falco if he was interested in sitting in on a couple of sessions.  Lou was immediately in touch with the direction of the music, added the sound they were looking for and joined the band as a permanent member.  

During the recording sessions of Endgame's first album, they were looking to add another sound to their songs so Tom asked Chelsea Rose to sing on a few cuts.  Her voice was the last piece to the puzzle and Endgame was complete. 

Today, Mike’s in a place where he has more to say musically and Endgame is the venue for his expression.