Endgame III: Take Me Home

On March 25, 2022, Endgame released their latest album - Endgame III: Take Me Home. The album contains ten brand new tunes written by guitarist Michael Carlone, bassist Hank Kaneshige, and keyboardist Lou Di Falco. Lou produced the new album as well. 

In addition to writers Carlone, Kaneshige, and Di Falco, the band also includes Tom Mitchell on drums and percussion and Chelsea Rose on vocals. Endgame III: Take Me Home is now available on your favorite streaming platform as well as for a download purchase of the entire album or individual tracks on Amazon. See the Endgame Music page for samples and links. 

The album begins with an uplifting Kaneshige rocker right out of the 1960s titled Ordinary Girl. Track 2 is a vocal by Chelsea called Bring Your Love, penned by Di Falco with lyrics written by Carlone. Whisper in the Wind follows, a country-rock tune written by Kaneshige. Carlone's Shine On My Love follows, a tune with a strong beat begging to "Shine On" even when things aren't going well. Carlone's Lost In Time is a beautiful light rock tune that captures the sound and feel of a sea shanty. Rose follows, belting out Bad Reputation, Kaneshige's homage to the Chicago blues bands of the 60s that includes a big band arranged by Di Falco. The first instrumental for Endgame is Di Falco's Spy vs. Spy, a jazz-rock funk based tune that brings to mind the great horn bands of the 1970s. Spy also includes an awesome tenor sax solo by guest musician Vince Rimbach as well as Di Falco on acoustic piano. Carlone's This Room is a beautiful ballad that is sure to well up feelings of a broken heart. Another Kaneshige contribution tells the story of Angelina. Then it's time to go to church with Carlone's title track Take Me Home, a tune sure to get you out of your seat. 

Endgame's years of experience as musicians playing in countless bands and writing tunes for all kinds of styles is quite evident in this latest work. It's hard to narrow down a specific style for this band. As EG3, Take Me Home shows, their style ranges from country to rock to jazz, culminating in music that can simply be known as Endgame. 

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